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how it all started

As a child I was only interested in music. At the age of seven I was on stage as a singer for the first time and at the age of eight I got my first drum kit. I played my way through different genres until I found my footing in the first youth bands. Meanwhile  I also learned

Electric bass and guitar playing. At the age of 17 I got my first powerful computer with a DAW to record specially written songs. I did my first pre-productions, which I took to the big studios such as “Wisseloord Studios” and based on that I recorded everything professionally. I enjoyed the studio work so much that I became more and more interested in it and wanted to know more.

When the live business collapsed due to Corona and I had neither income nor orders as a freelance musician, I dealt even more with the recording and this is how the Leinen los Studio was created, in which I recorded the first artists and built a team up around me.

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