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wedding services

Videography has become indispensable for marriages and weddings. 

The most beautiful day 

Editing & Post Production
Sheet Music
Sheet Music
Sheet Music


Cast off Studio is a professional through and through: from audio equipment to acoustics and audio recording to digital file management, he/she masters his/her craft. Cast off Studio offers a wide range of music production services. Below you will find more information about all services.

recording sessions

Cast off Studio offers a wide range of different production services. Irrespective of your musical style, Leinen los Studio always works objectively, creatively and professionally. Here music is brought to world-class level. Not only is the most modern production equipment available to you. You'll also benefit from a trained ear that will ensure your music sounds incredible. Take a look at the services that promise you a unique and special music experience.

music advice

Exclusive licensing services allow you to legally own and distribute your own songs. Record your next hit with the latest breakthrough technology. With Cast Off Studio you can choose between working with classic microphones or electronic mixers. Benefit from the unbeatable quality of his/her music advice services.

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